Monday, 10 February 2014

More experiments with the ice-cream maker

I made a mango sorbet using the Kitchen Aid ice-creamer maker attachment. I used real fruit and liquidised it and then sieved it. The Kitchen Aid manual recipe only uses the juice to make a sorbet, but I notice that other ice-cream recipes use the fruit pulp. I decided to use the pulp as well as the juice. It was delicious. It only took ten minutes of mixing to produce a 'slushy' which I then froze into a sorbet. The result was a very flavourable dessert. What we didn't eat I froze for another day. Sadly the the next time it was served the flavour was not so strong. Lesson 6: Do not keep fruit sorbet too long as it loses its flavour.
It occured to me that if I froze the sorbet in a silicone baking mould I could make the sorbet into shapes. I used a canele mould to produce these. I will try other moulds next time.


I love cheesecake, but I am on a low-fat diet. I recently saw a baked cheesecake recipe that used no-fat quark so I tried it. It worked well. Rather than make one large cake that might have tempt me to eat more than I should I made individual ones in a silicone small loaf mould. I baked the base separately then cooled it and added the Quark and baked that. When cool we ate the cheesecake 'bare', but it needed something else so I poured a sweetened blackcurrent coulis over it.
The fruit flavour was a bit overpowering, so the following day I added gelatine to the coulis and topped the remaining cheesecake portions with it. It made all the difference. A really nice dessert without overloading the blackcurrent flavour or the saturates.

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