Wednesday, 22 January 2014

First batch of ice-cream

For the first go at making ice-cream I decided to make the 'pukka' vanilla ice-cream with whole milk, egg yolks and double cream.

It was great - creamy, smooth, delicious. The problem was that it was too rich and so could only be eaten in small quantities. I will now experiment with other flavours and fats. The good thing about the ice-cream maker is that it can be stored in the freezer and ice-cream or sorbets can be made within half-an-hour. This is the length of time the maker needs to stir the batter mixture into ice-cream.

Last night's dessert was a meringue cake. I used the egg-whites left over from making the ice-cream and a recipe from an earlier series of Bake Off. There was a layer of chocolate fudge cake with a meringue layer at the top and bottom. The filling was creme fraich and tinned mandarin oranges. It should have had raspberries but I didn't have any. It tasted OK, but with the cake element was a bit filling. Lesson Number 5: Find another way of using up the egg whites, or eliminate the cake layer.

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